Partnership with African Hub

Peter Odon June 11, 2018

Partnership with African Hub

The Website partnership is based on the principle that you show your/or somebody else's routes or POIs (African Hub) using Yumpee-functionality on your website(s) (using e.g. widgets or web services). In return, the user can get to the African Hub website for further info and functionality.

The inverse is also possible, but that is typically set up via a Content Partnership

Why is this beneficial for you?

  • You get and provide extra functionality free of charge on your website and we get possibly extra visitors.
  • We also keep on extending and upgrading our functionality.
  • Linked to African Hub, your customer gets all the available functionality on top of it

What do you have to do?

Contact us on for more information on how we can partner together.

What do we do?

  • We provide and maintain the African Hub widget or plugin functionality
  • We help you out if you are stuck with the widgets